About Us

What is Hype?

PennHype is a SAC-sponsored, co-ed, hip hop fusion dance group that creatively and uniquely explores various styles of traditional and modern dance. Comprised of members from different nationalities, Hype was formed to bridge cultural divides through the fusion of diverse dance styles. Our members cultivate an innovative approach to dance by breaking the boundaries of traditional hip hop and blending it with elements of different dance styles, such as b-boying, bhangra, Bollywood, dancehall, and even salsa. Our incorporation of both trained and untrained dancers allows our movement to embody an organic interpretation of music and emotions. During the academic year, Hype participates in various types of performances including competitions, collaborative events with other organizations, and instructional workshops both on campus and in the community. Additionally, PennHype puts on its annual showcase in the spring, encouraging Penn and its surrounding community to celebrate diversity through creative dance fusion.

Creating the Hype:

Hype was started in the later months of the 2004-2005 school year by Myra Deshmukh ('08) and Akash Trivedi ('07). Since then, Hype has evolved from a tight knit circle of friends who shared a passion for dancing to an unconventional, multicultural, and high energy group that has taken UPenn and the surrounding Philadelphia area by storm.

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